National Ambulance Advisor Praises Russ Mansford’s Achievements

Peter Bradley, the Chief Executive of London Ambulance Service and the National Ambulance Advisor at the DH has paid tribute to Russ Mansford, who retires as the Department of Health’s Strategic Ambulance Advisor on 31st March 2012. In his weekly blog to staff he said:

“Many of you will know that Russ Mansford who has worked on and off for the LAS for the best part of 40 years retires next week. Russ has been seconded to the Department of Health for the past few years and has been heading up emergency preparedness. One of the biggest things he has achieved for ambulance services in England has been to secure millions of pounds for our HART teams, buildings , equipment and vehicles. You have done a great job Russ, and have played a key role in improving ambulance service resilience. We are the envy of many around the world and are no longer a poor relation to the Fire Service in this area. Well done, and thank you.”

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