Press release: FCO Press Release: FCO minister confirms at least 15 British Nationals killed in Tunisia

This evening, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Tobias Ellwood gave an update on the situation in Tunisia. Mr Ellwood said:
Sadly I can confirm that at least 15 British nationals were killed in yesterday’s atrocity. But I should stress that the number may well rise as several more have been seriously injured in this horrific attack. The Foreign Office is doing everything possible. Our Crisis Centre has been working round the clock since the attack, and we have mobilised our Rapid Deployment Team designed to provide urgent UK assistance during events such as this. A UK police team has also been deployed to assist with the process of identification of victims. FCO staff are on the ground already, and are in hospitals and hotels looking after British nationals in conjunction with tour operators and airlines. And several flights have left today to bring people home, and more are planned. A further team of consular staff and experts are arriving today to further strengthen our support. I spent much of the day on the phone with relatives of the victims and injured British nationals who have been caught up in this appalling attack. I offer my deepest sympathy. We are doing everything we can to co-ordinate and co-operate with other countries and to share any information that we have with them. I have spoken with the Tunisian Interior Minister and the British Ambassador and we will do all we can to help.

This is the most significant attack on British people since 7/7, and highlights the ongoing threat from ISIL. This act of evil and brutality demonstrates why we must confront this kind of extremism, wherever it happens, at home or abroad.

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