Press release: Search for missing ‘Cheeki Rafiki’ crew members. UK plane joins search

A UK C-130 Hercules aircraft deployed from RAF Brize Norton early this morning and has arrived in the mid-Atlantic to join the US-led search effort for the four missing British sailors.

The Hercules will support two American and two Canadian aircraft which have also been deployed, alongside a number of volunteer ships coordinated by the US Coast Guard. We are very grateful for the extensive US-led efforts so far and welcome the decision to reopen the search. Every possible effort is being made to find the missing yachtsmen.

The Foreign Office remains in constant contact with the US authorities. Mark Simmonds, Minister for Consular Affairs, has spoken to the head of the US coastguard and our Embassy in Washington and Consulate in Boston have also been closely involved. Hugh Robertson, Minister for North America, yesterday met the families of the four men to update them on the situation and welcomed the resumption of the search by the US Coast Guard. We remain in close contact with the families.

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