‘REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE’ – refreshed IOR messaging released by NARU

Paramedics may have seen the recent release of refreshed Initial Operational Response (IOR) messaging about exposure to hazardous substances.

This refreshed guidance is called ‘REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE’, and it is designed to support Trust control rooms, planners and first responders on early self-help actions for suspected deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous substance (vapour, powder or liquid) or ‘acid attacks’.

A NARU spokesman, Graham Finnigan said:

“The ‘Remove, Remove, Remove’ messaging is a refresh of pre-existing teaching materials designed to instruct front line emergency services personnel how to treat a suspected exposure to a hazardous substance. This can include a deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous vapour, powder or liquid, such as an ‘acid attack’.

These materials have been redesigned to make core elements quicker and easier to absorb, remember and apply, allowing first responders to significantly reduce harm to affected casualties in the unlikely event of exposure.”

You can view the Poster here and the Screensaver here.

Click here for further digital toolkit information.

Additional wider CBRN guidance is available here.

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