Robert joins the team

RobertFluteRobert Flute has joined NARU as an Ambulance Advisor, bringing with him 16 years’ knowledge and experience of the world of EPRR gained across the health sector in the ambulance, primary care, acute and mental health sectors.

Robert is a former Chair of both Norfolk and Suffolk Local Resilience Forums and was the first ambulance manager to be elected as an LRF Chair. He is currently the Chair of the EPRRG’s National Response and Recovery Workstream, which has produced the National Action Cards, CBRN Guidance, Standard Tabards, Log Books and more.

Robert says:

“I’m really looking forward to my new NARU role and working on a national basis to develop EPRR in the ambulance service. There are some exciting initiatives in store from NARU that will benefit the wider NHS and improve patient care.

“My role initially centres on revising the NARU Command and Control guidance first published in 2012 to include the on-going work established by JESIP and ensure that the whole NHS utilities this tried and tested system. This involves ensuring those in command roles at all levels – including Strategic, Tactical and Operational – are fully competent and can evidence this using a continuous professional development scheme.”

Robert Flute and PM David Cameron
Robert Flute and PM David Cameron during 2013 floods

Robert is currently based at Ryton, Coventry, and can be contacted via email to:, via phone on 02476 516 229 or mobile 07595 238 698.

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