UK HART Resilience and Capability – 2017 assessment is now complete

Recent major incidents (terror attacks, Grenfell tower etc) have served to highlight the importance of monitoring and supporting the psychological health of emergency service responders.

NARU’s Resilience and Capability Assessment, run by Zeal Solutions, is used to monitor and manage the psychological health of all ambulance service Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) units.

The 2017 assessment has reviewed working conditions, staff confidence, unit culture and cohesion as well as staff physical and psychological well-being.

Although there have been a number of updates to the assessment process, more enhancements are planned for 2018.

Tony Zarola, NARU Research and Evaluation Lead, said:

“In addition to the national and local unit reports that are generated each year, the entire assessment process will be online and will also see the introduction of team and individual feedback reports.

Our aim is simple – through evidence, to do whatever we can to help protect and promote the resilience and capability of all HART personnel.”

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