Working together with Ambulance Services to improve Public Health and Wellbeing


AACE LAUNCH of CONSENSUS STATEMENT – 7th February 2017 Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) is pleased to announce the launch of a joint consensus statement describing the intent of all NHS ambulance trusts, together with partner agencies, to increase our collaboration to support improved health and wellbeing among the most vulnerable people in society.

Says Dr Anthony Marsh, Chair of AACE:

“All of these organisations have come together in recognition of the responsibilities we jointly hold in respect of population health and the opportunities open to us to both promote good health and to prevent ill health.

We are committed to contributing to these aims through proactive and pre-emptive means, as much as we are responsive to those needing urgent and emergency care and treatment. We look forward to working with our voluntary organisations in particular, to increase the impact we can have by engaging in new public health initiatives collaboratively.”

The full Consensus Statement can be read here.

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