HART teams to start using UAVs (drones) to support operations

HART teams around the country will have access to an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or commonly known as a ‘drone’) as part of the new HART Incident Ground Technology solution.

The National Operations Group approved the solution at their meeting just before Christmas.

NARU Head of Capabilities Gerry Byrne says:

“HART have very specific user requirements that warrant a drone solution. They need to have the option to deploy an aerial camera to support the initial dynamic risk assessment within the first 15 minutes of arriving on scene.

This is to allow the Team Leader to determine the best access and egress for the staff deploying into the areas of highest risk.”

Added Head of Compliance Christian Cooper:

“The drones will have video cameras on board to provide an eye in the sky at accident scenes. Each HART team will have a trained drone operator working alongside paramedics. The drone will allow the HART team leader to observe the high-risk incident ground quickly and prior to the deployment of staff. The drone will also give teams a quick overview of patients’ condition and location, allowing the leader to direct paramedics towards them.”

You can read more about drone use with HART Teams in this New Scientist article.

Further details are also available from gerry.byrne@wmas.nhs.uk


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