NARU hosts learning and sharing event following UK terror attacks

On 12th September, NARU hosted a special event in Central London to bring a broad range of agencies together to share lessons identified and learn from the terror attacks that have taken place recently in Manchester and London.

Over 50 delegates from ambulance services, devolved administrations, NHS England and the Crown Dependencies came together to hear presentations from the ambulance services involved, including those that supplied mutual aid and from the National Ambulance Coordination Centre (NACC).

NARU National Director Keith Prior said:

“We took the initiative to provide this event to hear what ambulance services and their colleagues elsewhere have learned from these recent mass casualty events.

For some it was the first time they had been given the opportunity to discuss ideas and actions taken since the attacks and it also provided NARU with a platform to explain about developmental measures taken by us since the attacks.”

The lessons learned from this useful event have already been recorded and will shortly be submitted onto JOL Online, the Home Office-funded online system for sharing joint organisational learning.

More information on the learning points raised is available from

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