JESIP relaunches refreshed Joint Organisation Learning (JOL) database

The Cabinet Office have worked closely with the JESIP team and supplier Zeal Solutions to deliver a much easier to use, single sign-on system that enables responder organisations and their partners to share lessons nationally to enhance the process of shared learning.

Previously there were two digital solutions (Joint Organisational Learning and Lessons Direct) for capturing lessons and notable practice but the new system brings together all of the functionality of JOL and LD in to one, single access application called JOL Online which is available via Resilience Direct.

JOL Online is a fully adaptable system which allows users to, at the click of a mouse, create their own account, set preferences to access the lessons of most value to them, manage their own lessons submissions, access a wealth of lessons and notable practice from across the country and much more.

Tony Zarola, NARU Research and Evaluation Lead, said:

“The new JOL Online system we have developed for JESIP is built on our established PROCLUS technology so it will be familiar to many users and easy to use.

We are currently developing the functionality to allow for appropriate ambulance lessons to be easily transferred from the ambulance PROCLUS Lessons system to JOL Online and NARU are also looking to build in feedback from their regular USAR final exercises for HART personnel to keep the momentum going.”

More information about JOL is available here or direct from


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