New CBRNe Joint Operating Principles (JOPs)


A new set of Joint Operating Principles (JOPs) for CBRNe have been launched by the National CBRN Centre on behalf of the 3 blue light services under the JESIP banner.

The new JOPs are intended to guide the response to CBRN(e) terrorism from the initial response, through transition to specialist response, aligning to pursue and onwards into recovery phase.

The principles are designed to provide a structured process to assist the command of a multi-agency response, and aim to act as a significant enabler in the delivery of a consistent and interoperable UK-wide emergency service response.

The CBRN(e) JOPs bring together current best practice and add to major incident protocols that exist between police, fire and rescue and ambulance services.

The Principles form a core element of the Government’s new National CBRN(e) Operational Response Framework, developed to reflect up-to-date scientific evidence to provide a rapid, flexible and scalable response to a CBRN(e) incident.

Endorsed by Ministers in December 2014, the aim of the Framework is to save as many lives as possible, and consists of three main components:

  • Initial Operational Response (IOR)
  • The transition
  • Specialist Operational Response (SOR)

NARU Compliance Officer Christian Cooper says:

“The key job for NARU now is to write the NHS contract standards on behalf of NHS England which is something we are now working on and will be finalised in this financial year.”

The JOPS are available from Resilience Direct or via our Resources section here.

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