New HART Vehicles arrive in Yorkshire

Yorkshire HART has taken delivery of the first Primary Response Vehicles under the national NARU specification. They are based on a VW Transporter 4×4 van which has been converted specifically for HART use.

yorkshire-primaryresponse2The new HART fleet has been designed by operational staff and fleet experts to meet the wide variety of specialist HART requirements.

The primary response vans will be joined in the second phase by newly specified Mercedes Sprinter all-wheel drive vans to facilitate the movement of equipment, staff welfare and personnel transportation. Feedback from staff in Yorkshire on the first wave of vehicles has been extremely positive.

NARU has just initiated the third phase of the procurement to replace the existing Polaris all-terrain vehicle and its modular transporter. The Polaris has been extensively utilised by HART staff, well beyond original expectations. It is currently being used to support an average of 15 HART responses per week in England.

yorkshire-primaryresponse1The replacement will be an even more capable all-terrain vehicle which is better aligned to the current operational practice of HART.

Its transporter will be much simplified and is likely to be an all-wheel drive flatbed van with a ramp for loading and unloading.


Please contact if you are interested in being involved in the design group for this vehicle solution.



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