New Compliance and Quality Assurance resources now online

NARU has revised its arrangements for Compliance and Quality Assurance (CQA) and has published a range of resources on the NARU website that will be of use to those delivering the interoperable capabilities.

Christian Cooper

Says NARU Head of Compliance Christian Cooper:

“Our CQA activities aim to keep specialist responders safe whilst taking calculated risks to improve the clinical outcomes of patients caught within dangerous environments.

We work closely with a range of stakeholders and our parent organisation, NHS England, to develop policy which is consistent with that balance of risk.”

Revised National Standards (formerly called Service Specifications) are being drafted for NHS England containing revised contractual standards for HART, MTFA, CBRN, Mass Casualties and Command.

This is a complex process given the current Ministerial submissions to enhance MTFA and Mass Casualty provisions.

NARU provides updates on how these standards are developing in a monthly CQA update published on the NARU website.

The revised Safe System of Work will be going live by the end of March, including the updated SOPs for HART.  This revised safe system of work will improve the effectiveness of the capabilities whilst also improving the safety of our staff and patients.


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