News story: National STOP terrorists’ campaign

The national Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) will be running a period of extended activity from 7am this Friday (15/4), to support the STOP terrorist’s and extremists’ online presence campaign. Tackling extremist material is important to protect the public and prevent offences that incite or promote terrorism and extremism. Social media activity to support the campaign began on Monday (11/4), and can be followed on Twitter at @PreventUK and Facebook at Prevent Tragedies. The internet and social media provides many opportunities for those with extreme views to target young or vulnerable individuals. The CTIRU put considerable effort into removing terrorist and extremist material however communities defeat terrorism, which is why we must maintain the strong relationship between the public and police. Police depend on information from the public in our efforts to keep us all safe and we are asking anyone who has concerns about online content to report it by visiting the STOP terrorists’ and extremists’ online site Chief Constable Mike Griffiths said: “As a national infrastructure police force, the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is the armed police force in charge of protecting civil nuclear sites and nuclear materials in England, Scotland and Wales. “Counter-terrorism is a major part of our policing and tackling the spread of material online which promotes terrorism and extremism is vital to protecting our communities.”
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