Resuscitation Academy invites case report submissions about community efforts to improve cardiac arrest survival

The Resuscitation Academy will be hosting an RA Alumni Meeting in conjunction with the the Emergency Cardiac Care Update (ECCU) Conference to be held in Seattle, Washington in December 2019. This conference is held every two years and showcases best practices and updates in resuscitation science. 

The Resuscitation Academy are excited not only to meet and discuss its successes and challenges but to showcase their work and that of the wider Global Resuscitation Alliance before attendees from around the world.

They are inviting submissions of case reports about a program or effort you have undertaken in your community to improve cardiac arrest survival.  They intend to showcase these case reports during the conference alumni meeting as well as during the ECCU.  They believe case reports are important as they are instructive and motivational as well as offer an opportunity to showcase EMS systems from throughout the world.

Case reports do not have to contain stunning results.  They can be works in progress or even “challenges” if there is an instructive lesson to be learned.  Examples of case reports are shown in the attached report, Improving Survival from Out-of-Hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Call to Establish a Global Resuscitation Alliance. The report describes the 10 steps to improve community survival rates and 10 actions to achieve implementation as well as highlights 12 case reports from around the world.

The case reports should have the following format and headings (or as many of the headings as appropriate):

  1. Name of project or program and location or community including population
  2. Brief summary of the program
  3. Problem to be solved/background
  4. Description of project/program
  5. Results
  6. Challenges
  7. Additional plans
  8. Contact information (the lead person’s email or URL of the project/program).

A sample report is shown here.

The case report must not exceed 600 words, in order that as many case reports as possible can be included.  Please include one or two photos with captions.

The Resuscitation Academy may lightly edit the submission if necessary but will not make substantive changes without checking with you. If your case report is selected for presentation at the Alumni meeting or ECCU meeting you will be contacted to discuss details.

Case reports must be received by June 3, 2019 and should be sent to

If you have any questions, please email Mickey Esienberg at orAnn Doll at


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