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JOL Online is the only national database for the sharing of multi-agency lessons and notable practice.  Hosted on Resilience Direct (RD), it is accessible by anyone with an RD account to view or input lessons identified or notable practice following incidents, exercises or training.

Each ambulance service in the UK, as with LRFs, Police and Fire Services, has a JOL Single Point of Contact (SPoC) within the organisation. SPoCs have responsibility for ensuring lessons identified and notable practice are inputted to JOL on behalf of their Trust.

It is imperative that information is communicated to enable all responding agencies to improve their capability and response to multi-agency incidents.

Independent reports following incidents such as the Kerslake Report regarding the Manchester Arena Attack (May 2017) and the FEMA report following the mass casualties shooting incident in Las Vegas (October 2017) place a high emphasis on the importance of joint working and the positive effect it can have on the response. 

Lessons and notable practice submitted on to JOL Online not only inform other agencies but can also result in a change to national doctrine and policy, local procedures and ultimately improve the way we respond to future events.

The UK has seen many large scale multi-agency incidents in recent years and we are all focussed on providing the best response possible now and in the future. Learning from previous events plays a pivotal role in this evolution.

If you would like further information on JOL Online, please contact jol@jesip.org.uk or visit the JESIP website here.




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