JESIP team take part in the Emergency Services Show 2018

The JESIP team attended the Emergency Services Show 2018 in September to showcase their work and highlight the importance of JESIP across all agencies when responding to incidents.

JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles) is the largest and most successful joint training initiative ever undertaken across the emergency services and it was established in 2012 to address the findings from a number of major incident reviews.

It aims to ensure that the blue light services, at all levels of command, are trained and exercised to work together as effectively as possible in response to incidents. The end goal is to make sure that as many lives as possible can be saved.

JESIP’s Charis Taylor, the National JOL Coordinator, presents in the Lessons Learnt Theatre

On both days of the show, visitors to the show got to hear Brian Welsh (the Fire and Rescue Service Senior User) and Charis Taylor (JOL Coordinator) present on the importance of JESIP and in particular Joint Organisational Learning (JOL).

This included a case study of how JOL has led to improvements in training and awareness of JESIP for prison officers following the prison unrest of last year.

The presentations further explained about how to use the key functionality and reporting within JOL Online, a database used to capture any learning that could improve multi-agency working. Since its inception in September 2016, the JOL Online system has made a significant impact on changing national policies, guidance and response arrangements across a wide range of areas, including planning, response and recovery arrangements.

JOL Online provides critical information to the UK government, which provides lead government departments with information from responders and organisations in relation to incidents, which then helps to inform the review of National Risk Assessments and National Capabilities.

At the JESIP stall, the team also promoted the newly launched multi-agency debrief template, which can be used by debrief facilitators as an aide memoir for multi-agency incident debriefing.

The JESIP training video, launched earlier this year, was also screened at the stall. The 16 minute training video shows how the response to an incident can be coordinated from the moment the call is received in a control room, through to responders arriving on scene.

Anthony Marsh, National JESIP Strategic Lead for the ambulance service, said:

“It is vital that JESIP’s use becomes business as usual and the JESIP team’s presence at the Emergency Services Show is important in helping us to share that message and engage with those who will ultimately apply JESIP at incidents.

I would urge any first responders, who haven’t done so already, to take the time to watch the training video. If you have any questions about JESIP or want advice on how you can implement JESIP, you can get in contact with the team at

Carl Daniels, JESIP Deputy Senior Responsible Officer, said:

“It was great to see so many of the show’s attendees take the time to come along and listen to the JESIP presentation. Everyone was very engaged and interested in learning more about how they can use JESIP in their everyday work. I hope that those who came along have gone back to their workplaces feeling more confident about how to implement JESIP.”

JESIP will also be attending the Ambition Expo at Olympia in London (5-6 March 2019).

For more information about JESIP, click here. 

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