Understanding Commander Confidence

NARU has commissioned a survey of all commanders across the NHS Ambulance Service to better understand factors that serve to promote and/or damage the resilience and confidence of any commander.

NARU aims to understand the experience of commanders so they can determine what support and resources are needed locally and/or nationally to ensure all ambulance commanders can operate confidently.

Says Tony Zarola of Zeal Solutions (who have been commissioned to do the work):

“Commanders that work at all levels – operational, tactical and strategic – and across all Trusts will be invited to participate.

Once the survey has been completed a series of close-up interviews and facilitated focus group sessions will be held with a sample of commanders to review the findings and inform the final report that will be delivered to NARU.”

The survey is scheduled for release at the end of February.

Further details are available from dave.bull@wmas.nhs.uk



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