NARU film to help commissioners understand more about interoperable capabilities

NARU is finalising a new film for NHS commissioners on the NHS ambulance service’s interoperable capabilities.

The film will explain the various capabilities and summarise the contractual obligations and commissioning requirements for CCGs.

National Director of NARU Keith Prior says:

“I believe it is vital that NARU makes specific efforts to engage with health commissioners, including around their obligations regarding the often complex and misunderstood area of emergency preparedness, resilience, and response.

So we hope this new short film will help commissioners with their role in commissioning specialist capabilities while supporting their understanding of the role of NARU.

We are also continuing to meet and have dialogue with health commissioners as often as possible and would like to get the message out there clearly that our door is always open for further discussions.”

Key stakeholders from NHS England, NARU and the National Ambulance Commissioning Network will appear in the film along with external experts.

The film will be freely available to all in the first week of February via the NARU website.

Further details are available from


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